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• 11/4/2018

Main Page & Cleanup

Greetings editors, I was on a hiatus for a while (meaning I haven't been actively editing the wiki). However, it appears that the main page of the wiki will need to be redesigned and I will be cleaning up the wiki. It may take weeks (or months, depending on the workload and the amount of time that I am allotted) to complete the process. We will need to add articles and update articles that need to be updated. I appreciate your cooperation and stay tuned.

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• 11/17/2017

Changing Admin groups to say something other than Admin or Breaucrat

ON a few wikias when people have admin rights instead of saying admin or blocked or something it says something differnt. ON the PAW Patrol fanon Wikia it says stuff like PAW Patrol Member and on PAW Patrol Rocky Fanon Wikia it says stuff like Rocky's best friend and stuff and when people are banned it says In the pound instead of blocked. How do you do that cause I want to do that on one of my wikias but I can't fugure out how
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• 3/23/2017

Introduction to the Review Board

Greetings fellow Wikians, we have decided to create this board in order to allow you guys to give this wiki some reviews and to help us improve your experience.
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• 3/23/2017


This wiki will be going through a restructuring and modernization process. We have already added some new features for our main page (though most of them aren't finished yet), including a slideshow, a news section, and a navigation section.

Next steps:
* Add an input box for the main page in order for the readers/contributors to create a page, search for a page, or jump to a page.
* Add a Chat Options button.
* Add a few more themes to the Wiki's Chat
* Add a Chat Party button.
* Add a Chat User Name Mention function.
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• 12/27/2014


Greetings fellow viewers and coders, welcome to the HTML & CSS Database. We are introducing the elections system. The election system lets you vote for If you want to vote, you must meet the following qualifications:

You must have a minimum of 20 edits.
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