Administrators, or Admins, are users on this wiki who have more responsibilities than normal users. They can delete/restore pages, protect/unprotect pages, block/unblock users, and be a very helpful member to new members or any members on this wiki. Bureaucrats, also called Bcrats, are also included in the Admin section, even though they are not Admins. Bureaucrats have the same privileges as Admins except that they can make other users become Admins. Bureaucrats and Admins can both edit special pages, such as the skin of this wiki and some other interface control tools.

Bureaucrats are above Administrators, who are above Rollbackers, and then Users. Just because some users rank higher than others doesn't mean that they are better in any way, or that they treat others differently, it just means that they have more responsibilities than other users. Everyone is treated equally here. Don't worry.

If you would like to file a request to hopefully become an Admin, then please check out the requests for Adminship page for more details.

For more info on Administrators, check out this page.

On this wiki, a Bureaucrat's username will be this color. An Administrator's username will be this color. A Rollbacker's username will be this color.

For a list of users with Rollback, check this page.

Rollbacks are users who can revert all the consecutive edits done to a page by the same user. This is useful when fighting vandalism, as it often takes too long to keep clicking the "undo" button. In order to become a Rollback, you must be a member of the CVS. Admins and Bcrats can rollback by default.

When viewing your watchlist or the recent changes, there will be a "rollback" button beside each revision. If you click on it, all the consecutive edits done by the same user will be reverted. For example, if a page has a history of:

edit1 ---- User1 [undo][rollback]
edit2 ---- User1 [undo]
edit3 ---- User1 [undo]
edit4 ---- User1 [undo]
edit5 ---- User2 [undo]
edit6 ---- User1 [undo]

Please note that this diagram does not represent what the history page, watchlist, or recent changes pages look like.
By clicking [rollback], all the edits from edit1 to edit4 will be reverted, but not edit6, because edit5 was done by another user.