In wiki-jargon, a block is an Administrator action that removes the editing privileges of a particular editor. Blocking is an action that usually comes with a warning, so it's not likely that you will be blocked if you haven't received a "This is your last warning" message.

What will get you blocked?[]

  • Deliberately breaking policies to mock the Administrators or helpful users.
  • Creating irrelevant articles in the mainspace.
  • Inappropriate language or material. (This content will always be removed and erased from the page history.)
  • Constantly inserting false information into articles.
  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages.
  • Intimidating behavior or harassment of other users.
  • Removing legitimate content from pages, including, but not limited to, blanking.
  • Sockpuppetry, Meatpuppetry, or impersonation.
  • Obvious misuse of the FA template.
  • Spamming links to external sites.
  • Unacceptable username.
  • Userpage vandalism.
  • Violation of any of the wiki's Policies.

What will not get you blocked[]

  • If you remember and follow all the rules.
  • Edit warring, unless the war grows into other policy violations. But we frown upon edit warring, so: when involved with an edit war, always stop and discuss.
  • Use of inappropriate language or material in a non-disruptive place (userspace, for example) that does not insult or harass another user. Such content will still be removed, but it will not issue a block (unless the action is repeated).

Instant block[]

In very rare cases, an editor may receive an instant block that comes without warning. These cases are extremely uncommon, but there are cases that cause it:

  • Profanity/explicit material
  • Creation of accounts made to impersonate other users

If you are making an attempt to avoid instant blocks, then you're probably not going to receive one. As said above, instant blocks are quite uncommon.

Warned block[]

Sometimes you may not realize that you have broken a rule. Therefore, it is best for a warning to be placed on the talk page of the user who broke a rule. Anyone can place a warning, not just the Administrators. A warning can be like "This is your first warning. Please do not _________ or you will get another warning." After two warnings are given, and a third offense is committed, then that user should be reported to an Administrator who will deal with it.