HTML & CSS Wiki has a chat feature, which lets you speak to the editors simultaneously. However, there are rules and regulations of utilizing the chat feature which you must comply with in order to stay in the chat room. Failure to comply with the rules will result in severe consequences. Here are the rules of the HTML & CSS Wiki Chat:

General Chat Rules[]

  • Do not use profanity in the chat. The exceptions are "hell", "damn", and "ass". Using profanity will result in a warning, and if you repeat the action, it will result in a kick or a ban.
  • Do not link obscene and pornographic content. Linking such content will result in an immediate 6 month to permanent ban.
  • Be courteous to other editors at all times.
  • Do not advertise services that are not related to Wikia.
  • Do not link to other chats.
  • Do not cause or attempt to cause drama in this chat room. This will result in a kick, then a ban if you continue.