HTML & CSS Wiki is a wiki where users can learn and contribute to the information provided on the site. It is not a site to host images, so an image policy has been issued to prevent that and other violations from happening.

Image Limit[]

Every user, including Admins and Bcrats, are only allowed to upload 5 (five) images for personal use; images for personal use are usually displayed on your user page, or in your signature. Images that contribute to the articles are not counted to your image limit. Personal images must be appropriate for all viewing audiences, if an image is found to be unsuitable, it will be deleted immediately. Images that are uploaded for personal use but are not linked to any page will also be deleted immediately. If a previously deleted inappropriate image is re-uploaded, you will be blocked and your image limit will be reduced to 1 (one).

Naming your image[]

When uploading an image for personal use, please be sure to give the image a suitable and appropriate name. For example, an image could be called "Blue_car.png" instead of "ADJ3523X32OH_BLUE12_%AG1235_CAR.png". If an image's name is not correctly named, it will be renamed by an Admin or another user who happens to remember the Image Policy when browsing through new images.

Userbox images[]

Images that you place in the Userbox template on your userpage do not count towards your image since there might be other users who would also like to use that image in one of their userboxes. Just please don't upload too many unnecessary images.