HTML & CSS Wiki is a community for many users. In order for our community to work well together, the Admins have created a set of rules, or policies, stating what you can do and what you cannot do. These policies are meant to give every user the same rights, not to lockdown on their freedom. If you feel that some policies are too strict, then contact an Administrator and they will deal with it.

The following lists several policies on this wiki. Please make sure that you read them and understand them. These are basically based on common sense, so if you know how to act accordingly, then you will be fine.

  • 1) Please follow the global Wikia Policies.
  • 2) Keep the wiki professional. While editing is fun and exciting, do keep in mind that this wiki is viewed by a broad audience. Therefore, it's best to keep the wiki professional, so that the readers can accurately obtain the information they need.
  • 3) Stay at a G rating. Inappropriate language and other explicit content are strictly forbidden.
  • 4) Be nice. Stay calm. Don't harass other users. Don't spam and/or vandalize pages (even user pages). Also, when a certain HTML element or CSS property is deprecated, it is best to refer to it as "deprecated", not "this is old and nobody uses it anymore. So don't be a loser and use it".
  • 5) Don't do it. If you have any doubts or second thoughts about anything that you do, then usually just don't do it. Ask for help, or think about it some more before you actually go and do it.