Welcome to the Requests for a Featured Article page. On this page you can nominate and vote for an article to be featured next month. There will be one article featured every month, so make your decisions wisely! There are rules for nominating an article, which are listed below.


An article must not be an article stub, must contain text longer than a paragraph (8-12 sentences), must have excellent spelling, grammar, punctuation, application of language, etc., must have been edited at least 20 times, must contain at least one template, and must not contain inappropriate content.

If the article has a good image, then that would be great. If not, it's okay as long as the content itself is captivating.

In order to nominate an article, you must:

  • be a registered user
  • have edited that article at least 5 times
  • have been active on the wiki for a week
  • not have violated any of the wiki's policies in the past
  • be able to give a clear and reasonable explanation to your choosing of that article

Note: Only registered users can vote. Sorry, we don't want anonymous user voting because they may not be who they seem; it confuses the voting process.

Articles which contain the Wikipedia template are not allowed to be requested to be featured.

How to nominate an article

To nominate an article, simply head over to the talk page, start a new section, and insert the following code:

== Article name ==
Paragraph summarizing why you chose this article. ~~~~

=== In favor ===

=== Oppose ===

=== Final Result ===
None yet.

Make sure your explanation is clear. If it is not, your article that you chose may not be featured. Administrators and Bureaucrats will look into the nominations and decide which article will be featured for that month. Remember, only 1 article is featured every month, so if more than one nominations are received in the same month, the overall winner will become the featured article.

End Result

In the end, the article that passes all the requirements will receive the FA template on the page. Only Admins can place that template on articles; if someone is caught placing that template on articles without administrative permission, they may be blocked.