Sockpuppetry is wiki terminology for anyone who creates multiple account(s) for any of the following reasons:

  1. To evade a previous ban,
  2. To cause trouble while maintaining the reputation of another account,
  3. To impersonate another account, especially an Administrator.

On nearly all wikis, sockpuppetry is forbidden. Any user who creates a sockpuppet without administrative permission should expect to be blocked immediately and permanently.

Valid reasons to create alternate accounts

Please note that most of these reasons still need administrative permission to use.

  • Previous account has glitched or has been hacked
  • Previous account has gained poor reputation due to misunderstanding
  • The new account is a doppelganger (see below)


A "doppelganger" account is an alternate account that has been created to prevent impersonation. For example, an account named Example123456 may want to create a second account named Exmple123456 or Exampl123456 to prevent vandals from impersonating him/her, as the name has already been used. You will not need permission from an administrator for this reason; simply explain why. Do not use your alternate account for editing.


Do not recruit meatpuppets. It is considered highly inappropriate to advertise articles to your friends, family members, or communities of people who agree with you, so that they come and support your side.

Meatpuppetry is a term meaning the recruitment of (usually new) editors to join a discussion on behalf of another editor, usually with the aim of persuading others to vote in that way, or gain extra scoring in a discussion or voting system.

Meatpuppetry gives a misleading impression of participation in the discussion, and of the support and opposition to different views expressed. The recruitment of new editors for the sole purpose of influencing a discussion or vote is strongly discouraged.

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